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This has to be the very first post i would have made up my mind to put up, and i really can’t explain why it has taken  me this long. Anyway, i am a fresh graduate, who just got a job, and in the space of 1 month i have been…

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He was a perfect sculpture, mixed between a god and a figment of my imagination. He was my hunger, I’d never seen him before but he lived in my memories. I remember his scent, though I’d never smelt him, I remember his taste, though I’d never sipped his nectar, I felt his touch over my […]

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His smile was his charm, locked me down at first sight, he had the finest of eyes, what started as a game turned into my mistake, my pain… my regret. Wouldn’t mind trading every moment I so cherish for a second chance. We had this sexual tension so hot it could fog up a mirror. […]

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Shades of black pt 2

i felt like a goddess, as I moan in pleasure he slid his tongue down my mouth, and told me he had never tasted anyone better. I realized I wasn’t dealing with an ordinary man, he deserved more than the conventional sex, I led him to the wall and went down on my knees like […]

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Shades of Black pt1

His sweater, *hmm* his black sweater, had his perfume soaked in it, I wore it when ever there was a stormy weather. Months had passed since I last saw him, but the thought of him still lingered. I remember stepping into his room for the first time, immediately my eyes spotted his black shoe, damn […]

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As the steam fogged up my room, I stand closely to the bathtub looking at my mistake, regretting how much I’ve meased up. I couldn’t get what just happened out of my brain. It happened so fast, am not sure if am still sane, fog getting my eyes moist and my vision becoming blurry, I wanted to […]

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